Application of tungsten alloy ball

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Author : Christine
Update time : 2020-01-01 15:12:00

Application: tungsten alloy ball is small in size, which can be used for missile weapon projectile, armor-piercing projectile, hunting gear, hunting gun, prefabricated fragments, missile weapon, ammunition armor-piercing projectile balance; Equilibrium force of oil logging; There are also some precision instrument fields, such as mobile phone vibrators, clock counterweights, watches, watch counterweights, mobile phone vibrators, flywheel counterweights, tungsten balls, etc.


Military advantage: tungsten alloys replace lead on military products, allowing them to better retain their shape even under extreme conditions because of their high density. Although uranium provides a comparable density, its volatility and the special licensing requirements required for radioactive material make processing difficult. Tungsten alloy is a kind of green environmental protection metal material, in the use and production process will not produce toxic substances. At the same time, the influence of military weapons on the environment should be considered while the military industry is expanding. Such as tungsten alloy tail wing shell piercing projectile, tungsten alloy submarine weight, tungsten alloy engine parts and so on.

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